Tuesday, January 8, 2013

How much can you make panhandling?


Have you ever wondered how much panhandlers on some random street corner can make? Well reddit’s Murmur322 used to be one of those guys:

I panhandled for about a month once. Was traveling across country living in my car. Panhandling is not easy, you have to leave your pride at the door, and no one wants to do it. At first I didn’t either. I would work day labor, get paid at the end of the day.

Day labor was some back breaking work, shoveling rocks, picking up garbage at a landfill, more shoveling of rocks, those are the jobs I remember. Now the day labor place I worked for would give us $5.15/hr, minimum wage at the time. Thing is you would need equipment, which the labor place would rent to you. Hard hat $0.25/hr, shovel $0.50/hr, sometimes they would require you to get driven out by the company van, even if you have your own car, $3.00 each way. Now at the end of the day, 8 hour shift, minus taxes and rental fees I have $30 give or take, for eight hours of shoveling rocks. I still need to cash the paycheck though.

Most folk that do day labor don’t have a bank account, some don’t even have ID. Luckily the guy who owned the day labor place split the rent with a liquor store attached to the building. The liquor store would cash the checks if you spent 10% of the check there. So after 8 hours of shoveling rock I’m left with a 6-pack and $24. After a month of not being able to get any money saved I realized how day labor just takes advantage of down-trodden folks, so I decided to spange (spare any change). In my first 2 hours made $22. That was above average, one day I made $80 in 10 minutes, that was amazing. I would make more begging than I did shoveling rock though, and it was a lot easier. One day though I met a homeless guy flying a sign that said Fuck Cops in front of the police station. Someone told me how he used to be a lawyer, and a coke dealer. Police raid went wrong his wife and kid died. He lost his mind, and just sat outside of the cop shop holding that sign for decades ever since. I could never spange again. Too many people NEED to spange and have no other way to get fed, I was not one of those people. I was taking advantage of their situation just how day labor had taken advantage of me, never again.

(Source: reddit.com)